Saturday, March 21, 2009


I gotta admit, lately I've felt like throwing in the towel. I'm having an awesome sale (15% off all rings, also free shipping to us and canada and a free ring w/ all purchases of $15 or over), I tried Project Wonderful, I've been promoting in the chat and forums, and on facebook.....I'm worn out! Worst of all I have no sales to show for it.....I've been doing everything everyone has told me and it's just not working. This wouldn't bother me so much if I wasn't spending so much time and effort to make things work. I'll admit I've all but ignored twitter but what's the point if you have like, one follower?

I don't mean to sound like I'm saying I'm a martyr...I know sales are tough for everyone. It just sucks when I see people I know buying stuff from other shops that's similar to my stuff and I wonder 'why not me?' , especially if I'VE bought stuff from them routinely. I guess there is no 'you scratch my back I scratch yours' in the real world of business (and no FS chats don't count).

I'm thinking about setting up my website but me and Evan have no money to spare since we have to start saving for when the baby comes and he's not working for three weeks. Hopefully my interview with Cafe Handmade will bring some sales's slated for April 13th, I'll post the link when it's published.

Well sorry for all the bitching but it's just so frustrating to put so much work, and money, into something that keeps failing.

(Don't forget that sale!!!!!)



  1. Hang in there honey. It's been rough for me too. I'm promoting a whole lot more, been in a few treasuries and in some great blogs and my views are lower then ever! :(

    Here's hoping things pick up for both of us very soon.

  2. hey buddy I feel ya I so believe in i scratch your back if you scratch mine but so many people dont. there all in it for the money which isnt right, also girly you cant be making any money off your items if you offering free shipping and a ring dont do that to yourself things will get better get paid right for your good work :)