Friday, August 19, 2011



I'm going to have to take part of this post to complain. Etsy's new changes to search to increase SEO (Search Engine Optimization) have been more than a little frustrating and confusing. This frustration was brought on by a few things.
As some of you may know, around 95% of all my items in Ebon Flow had creative, individual names. These names sometimes would take me quite awhile to come up with since I wanted them to truly 'fit' the piece. With Etsy's new search relying more on relevancy and descriptive titles than recency, people like me who enjoy creating interesting titles are more or less screwed. For example, I named some earrings I recently posted 'Earls' b/c they had a royal look to them. I now have to change the name to something blah and descriptive, like 'Purple Earrings, Faceted and Picasso Glass with Gold' what an un-fun mouthful! Having to change the names of almost everything in the store is surely an undertaking and I just hope it pays off.

On to the next more exciting and positive post!


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